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NameHometownDate of Death
Sue Ellen MillerNew Haven, West Virginia11/04/2017
Mike Veselica, Jr.Letart, West Virginia08/06/2017
Enid Laverne Layne AdamsNew Haven, WV07/22/2017
Kenneth HolbrookNew Haven, West Virginia07/13/2017
Robert Douglas WittNew Haven, West Virginia07/02/2017
Marilyn L. WeaverNew Haven, West Virginia06/08/2017
Mary Helen ArnoldNew Haven, west Virginia06/06/2017
Leland Clyde BumgarnerNew Haven , West Virginia05/26/2017
Jack W. NeedsNew Haven, West Virginia05/25/2017
Arthur Oris "Jack" WolfMason, West Virginia05/24/2017
James W. RiceSullivan, Indiana05/12/2017
Richard Ray SinesMiddleport, Ohio03/31/2017
Janet Kay DudleyMason, West Virginia02/26/2017
Joanne B. FergusonNew Haven, West Virginia02/11/2017
George Bernard HoffmanLetart , West Virginia02/02/2017
Charlotte Kay CoonNew Haven, West Virginia12/29/2016
Georgie Ruth JarrellMason, West Virginia11/18/2016
Nelson Richard RoushNew Haven, West Virginia11/14/2016
Eileen N. FieldsNew Haven, West Virginia11/01/2016
Randall Eugene RobieNew Haven, West Virginia10/30/2016

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